INDECS 14(4)

Toma Strle 331 Feeling and Thinking about the Future: Offline Metacognition in Decision-Making Abstract
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Toni Pustovrh and
Monika McCollister Pirc
344 Moral Enhancement by Technological Means: Possible, Permissible, a Duty? Abstract
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Tina Bregant 353 Mathematical Competence of a Child - Life Success of an Adult Abstract
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Maja Malec 360 Modal Arguments against Physicalism in View of Scientific Findings Concerning Pain Abstract
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Urban KordeŇ° and
Florian Klauser
369 Second-Person in-Depth Phenomenological Inquiry as an Approach for Studying Enaction of Beliefs Abstract
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Lovro Tacol 378 "What Is it like to Be a Buddhist?" Abstract
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