INDECS - Paper abstract

Petró Gábor1

1Institute of Economic theory, Faculty of Economics - Univesity of Miskolc
  Miskolc, Hungary

Received: 15 September, 2006. Accepted: 15 February, 2007.


There are a lot of systems, which behave complexly, around us. We cannot predict their behaviour. Unpredictability is almost a character of complexity but how can we tackle the phenomenon of it. The formal mathematical descriptions of them are more and more complex and only several times solvable. Is the making a system of non-linear equations the only way to handle and descript systems like them? Using simple elements we can build models which show complex behaviour. Simple rule-systems can be a model of a complex system. For example algorithms can be appropriate for this task. We can implement these models for the language of computers, as well, and running simulations. Can we observe or perceive emergent characters? What is the measure of emergent phenomena? These are the questions to which I am searching the answers. The algorithms can give us a better way to understand the complex world.


complex systems, emergence


PACS: 89.75.-k

Full paper as pdf version.

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