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23. July 2013
Call for papers: CogSci issue The Challenge of Interdisciplinarity.
Deadline for submissions is 15th September 2013.
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27. April 2013
Call for papers: Engineering Education and Society. Deadline for submissions is 15th January 2014.
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9. April 2013
Journal INDECS launched rapid online publishing. After an article is accepted, it is rapidly online published here.

3. February 2013
Contest for INDECS award for the best published article in year 2012, INDECSA, is finished. The INDECSA 2012 is not awarded because more than one article obtained equal number of votes.
Previous awardees are listed here.

29. October 2012
Journal INDECS includes DOI codes as part of its article referencing. From INDECS 10(3), DOI codes will be listed in printed and online versions. In addition, DOI codes will soon be implemented into online versions of articles' abstracts of all the previous issues of INDECS.
More about DOI codes is given here.

25. October 2012
Journal INDECS is included in the IndexCopernicus. Details are given here.

26. February 2012
Contest for INDECS award for the best published article in year 2011 is finished.
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22. February 2012
Read interesting article in which Jason Wilde, commercial director of the Nature Publishing Group, discusses open access, research fraud and the global R&D-revolution.

28. January 2012
Journal INDECS' mirror site within Portal of scientific journals of Croatia contains all published articles.

27. January 2012
Soon we will know who will be awarded with INDECSA - INDECS award for the best published article in year 2011.
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