Géza Károly Kiss-Leizer

Óbuda University, Doctoral School of Safety and Security Sciences
Budapest, Hungary

INDECS 18(3), 360-368, 2020
DOI 10.7906/indecs.18.3.5
Full text available here.

Received: 3rd March 2020.
Accepted: 1st June 2020.
Regular article

The present study examines the environmental safety and liveability of today's metropolises and cities by discussing the present situation regarding technical sciences, accidents, disasters and waste management, sharing some philosophical thoughts on the future, describing the technical problems, human failures and errors, and finally, by proposing some possible solutions. It is necessary and of upmost importance to address the issues of security, environmental safety and protection, as well as long-term, sustainable liveability of the smart cities of the future by considering the latest technology available today, as proposed in the present study. It outlines some of the guidelines aiming to change human behaviour, the necessity and possibility of ensuring order and eliminating insecurity, chaos and disorder in future smart cities. Furthermore, it wishes to bring attention to the lack and need of scientific research of the elements providing security and liveability of today's cities and metropolises, the absence of which is causing suffering and unbearable living conditions for millions of people. Finally, it proposes an approach of engineering and careful, responsible and forward-looking planning to ensure that people will live in security and dignity in the smart cities of the future.

safety science, environmental safety, smart city, environmental protection, coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

ACM:10010485, 10010554, 10010606
APA:4070, 4090, 4100, 4140
JEL:L92, O18, R41

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