J. Stepanić,
K. Martinás
J. Bryson and
I. Čače
i Editorial,
Guest editorial,
Announcement &
List of referees
Full Text
K. Martinás 63 Non-equilibrium Economics Abstract
Full paper
É. Hideg 80 Emergence in the Foresight Abstract
Full paper
A. Margitay-Becht 89 Aid Competition – a Simple Agent-Based Model
of Competition for Financial Aid
Full paper
A.M. Tsirlin and
V. Kazakov
102 Optimal Processes in Irreversible Microeconomics Abstract
Full paper
A.M. Tsirlin,
V. Kazakov and
T.S. Romanova
124 Optimal Separation Sequence for
Three-Component Systems
Full paper
J. Stepanić,
H. Štefančić and
V. Zlatić
136 Social Free Energy of a Pareto-Like
Resource Distribution
Full paper
P. Gábor 144 Complex Systems Built by Simple Elements Abstract
Full paper

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